The best view of a bridge I could get 

This is not the Golden Gate Bridge!

We are indeed in San Francisco this weekend, but have not been able to do sight-seeing as I planned before the trip. I had visited the Bay Area many times in my younger days and before moving to Boston, so I had visited all tourist sights in the past. But this is the first time for Mr. O and the boys. I was excited to have them enjoy seeing a different city landscape from the usual flatten land of our endearing Midwest. 

But things did not go as I planned. 

For a short trip with only two full days in the city, and half of one was scheduled for Mr. O’s business meeting. My plan was to have O and the boys taking one day to ride the cable cars and busses to the Golden Gate Park, Fisherman Wharf, Lombard Street, and Chinatown to cover some must-do touristy footage. But apparently we were short on time, and dragging two kids trekking on foot around the town was too much of a stretch; they were whining about walking. 

But in all honesty, I don’t regret that much about missing out the touristy spots because we can always come back in the future when opportunity arises. So we chose to meet with friends who have been kind enough to squeeze us in their busy lives and schedules, even at the last minute since this is a last-minute kind of trip. These friendships trumped all forms of expression we could have had upon seeing the Golden Gate Bridge or witnessing the beauty in the famous downhill and zig-zag Lombard street. I am sure Mr. O and the boys will be amazed upon seeing these wonderful sights, but there are always next times!

I had some of the best food during this trip. All except for a lunch at this particular Chinese/Cantonese restaurant on the edge of Chinatown. It’s true, Chinese food in Chinatown are not always the most authentic or appetizing. That lunch left us with a bad impression, and a hefty bill that we could go elsewhere with a better quality and services. We were hungry and that was the closest place to our hotel. Convenience took the grand prize, while our satisfaction took a major loss. 

Thank you Em Thắng, Em Trang, and Linh for the wonderful time and grown-up conversations. It is amazing how long (10 years if not more) I have known each of you, each at separate settings and times but all are connected to my life in Boston. And now all three ended up living in the same area. 

I apologize if my two pain-in-the-butt boys caused you any long term pain with their mischievous behaviors. They were out of their usual environment and so their behaviors have slightly altered. Major fine-tuning will happen tomorrow when we get home. 

And Linh — I will come back for that killer premium salad. Next time I will eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I will eat it while sitting at your front porch looking out to the mountain and the hills of the bay. I will sit with an umbrella even on a rainy day. Dude, that’s like eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant; food and the view both satisfy customers. 


7 thoughts on “The best view of a bridge I could get 

      1. gặp cả nhà em Bòn là cũng quá dzui rồi. Nựng 3 chị em bé May – Tìm – Summer đã luôn hơ .

        Khi nào tui mới gặp mấy ng` đẹp bên vùng Vịnh dzậy ta ? hic

  1. So great to see you and anh o again, chi. It has been too long. Let me know what you decide. You know I would love to have you guys and the boys closer!

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