normal life

The day after coming back from a vacation is the hardest! (#firstworldproblem!)

If it was not for Peanut climbing onto my bed and telling me that he was hungry at 8 a.m., I would have continued snuggling with the thick blanket to sleep in for a few more hours. O left very early for another week on the road; and today the boys have no school so I consider myself lucky to have the luxury of sleeping in a little bit.

We are back to the normal routine at home. The boys got their hot breakfast of french toast and fresh fruits. They also asked for xôi vò so I took the dry sweet glutinous rice and mung bean out to soak for a few hours. I just gave Peanut the iPad so he can play his games, and PP is doing his homework. They do scream and fight and hug and make up…

I emptied the milk jug this morning to get two last cups of milk for the boys. But they can skip milk for the rest of the day. I don’t want to make a trip to the grocery store today. For dinner, they will eat Vietnamese egg omelette. That’s a good plan!

View from the hotel window.


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