If Red Riding Hood has a Vietnamese name…

It is Rẹt Rai-đing Hụt. 

I browsed the children book’s section at my local library and saw this. I was surprised that they even have bilingual books, and even more surprised that the title in Vietnamese. 

I wonder why the author/translator/editor went forth with phonetic transcription of the name where as they could translate it into Vietnamese as “Cô bé quàng khăn đỏ” (the girl in red cape). It might not be as close in translation but in my opinion it is way better than Rẹt Rai-đing Hụt. 


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    1. Em cũng còn thấy mấy cuốn mà không có cuốn nào có tựa đề như vầy nên em mới thấy mắc cười chụp lại đó

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