First STEM Fair

First, here is the funniest photo.

I asked Mr. O to take a photo for the three of us and he snapped one and only. I just cannot trust him with taking photos of me.

And look at PP’s face. It’s the 6-year-old kinda thing.

PP entered the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fair for the first time this year as a Kindergartener. We have been collecting plastic take-out and yogurt containers and other recycling materials to work on this piece. He named it, “The Awesome Car Ramp” to demonstrate engineering skills.

We spent about two hours to finish this car ramp. I was in between making dinner and helping him cutting the containers. We used almost a whole roll of clear tape. It looks very rudimentary, but that’s the beauty about encouraging kids at this age to have hands-on experience with science and engineering skills.

I am a strong proponent for STEM education for early childhood education. We do a lot of STEM projects at home to keep them away from boredom. This was an extension of my “homeschooling” program for them. 🙂 (I am taking all the credits!)

The car ramp was a crowd-pleaser at the fair as many kids lined up to test the ramp.

And Peanut was a dare-devil; he dared to sit on this air-spaceship to test the other kid’s engineering project.


5 thoughts on “First STEM Fair

  1. That is an awesome result! I bet he was thrilled that so many kids lined up to test drive the ramp. My husband has similar photography skills to yours and at family events everyone knows not to let him take pictures because he chops off heads or they’re blurry.

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