it’s almost 70-degree Fahrenheit here!

Don’t let the snow deceive you, really, because it’s almost 70s here…

I mean, indoor…inside my house, it’s almost 70s degree. Outside? Gosh, perhaps it is 17 degree? Oh I just checked, it’s 34-freaking-degree in Fahrenheit. How is that for the Lunar New Year weather? Better than sub-zero, that is!

I remember that one year when O and I took PP to Minnesota for the Lunar New Year, it was 2010 and we were still living in Boston at the time, and it was perhaps a relatively warmer year out there in the east coast. Upon getting out of the airport here, we were knocked out with nearly zero-degree temperature, and it went down further to -20F for the remainder of our stay. It was so cold that O’s snot became icy-frozen when it came out of his nostrils. Gross, yes, but it was true!

Despite knowing how cold this place could be, we still decided to move here. Hallelujah!

My little puppy Peanut wanted to play in the snow yesterday after dropping PP off at the bus stop. I did not put a snow-pant on for him because I did not think he would stay out for too long. He still had fun but cried after 10 minutes when his jeans got soaked by the freezing snow.

And I found this little piece of icicle clinging on the branch of a tree. It looks like a bat with its wings bound and unable to fly freely.


4 thoughts on “it’s almost 70-degree Fahrenheit here!

    1. I have been living in the cold-weather zone for 26 years and the only time I went ice-skating was 26 years ago.

      Winter sports aren’t my kind of thing. Same for my husband. He is super skinny so the winter is just brutal for him.

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    Cả nhà an vui nhen! Giữ ấm và mạnh khỏe luôn há! hugsssssssss

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