tradition, part 2. | the 26th year

I could only stayed for a few hours to help mom wrapping and tying bánh tét before the cooking phase. At the end, we wrapped 27 bánh tét with savory filling (pork belly and mung beans paste). As soon as mom put the cakes in a gigantic pot of water to start the cooking, which takes about 10 hours, she turned around and prepare the filling for sweet bánh tét, with coconut, black-eye peas, and bananas.

While she was doing her job, I was assigned to cutting the inedible parts and shredding the dried bamboo shoots to prepare for the braised pork belly in coconut water, thịt kho tàu.

Ok, I goofed around a bit…

Mom was in the background, laughing at me for being goofy.

Wrapping sweet bánh tét.


One thought on “tradition, part 2. | the 26th year

  1. Được ở gần mẹ là có niềm vui, hạnh phúc vô bờ bến vậy đó! Nhìn Ngoại gói bánh làm tui lại nhớ bà NGoại Cún quá nè. hic hic hic

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