Vacation, yay!

I have been busy this week trying to work with PP and his teacher to help him refocusing his behaviors at school. It’s going to be a long-labored journey for all of us. I am praying that he will grow out of it in due times. 

Mental work is also very exhausting! My brain cells took a dive. This kid is not an easy one to raise. O’s family members joked that PP inherits the genes from their side of the family; the African blood. Not so sure what it actually means but I am sure it is a big challenge for me. 

But he is my child. I bored him and birthed him, so I am responsible for raising him to be a good person, with whatever it takes for me to do so. 

On a slightly exciting note, I am officially on vacation starting from today until next Sunday. I am not going anywhere, but Mr. O takes a week off to spend his birthday with us, and not traveling. Once again, I am second-handedly reaping the benefits of having him home full time for a whole week. 

We are at the peak of winter here in Minnesota. Poor Peanut for being cooped up in the house most of the time. I haven’t brought him out to children events and play group. *guilty mom* It’s been so cold that it seems so normal to bundle up and  dress in layers. If this cold winter weather keeps going like this, I might as well keep my spring and summer clothes in the storage room for the rest of the year. 

PP at the bus stop in the morning. He had fun posing with the snowmen. 

His goofy self during the class Valentines’s party. 



9 thoughts on “Vacation, yay!

    1. thank you! I need encouragement as I do sometimes feeling the need to throw a white flag because of not knowing what to do next. We have been trying various techniques with him to find the one that works and keep reinforcing the message.

      1. ở Midwest là đã khó gặp nhau. Giờ em iu chuẩn bị qua luôn West Coast thì chắc còn …….chờ dài cổ thêm rồi hơ!

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