when we stayed up until 3 in the morning, we had…

Happy Friday!

I woke up to the chitter-and-chatter as well as kisses-and-smooches from the boys. It’s Friday morning and Mr. O was managing their morning routine while I was asked to stay in bed and sleep in. Woah, what did I do to deserve this special treatment? I think this is my bonus payment for the non-paying stay-at-home job. When the husband is on vacation, I have my little get-a-way, although I don’t necessarily have to leave the house. 

Now the house is so quiet because they have all left; the boys are at school and O is running errands. I love this oasis of quietude, even just for a brief hour or two. 

And it’s a raining day. That means the weather is warm enough for the rain to come and not the snow. Really? Are we getting closer to the end of the long winter?

Last night was an odd night for us. At dinner I had phở but ate too fast and a piece of onion or bean sprout got stuck on the back of my throat. It was not life-threatening, but very uncomfortable. I could not sleep and eventually stayed up until the wee hours. I had had pretty good sleep the previous days, with regular sleeping routine as I  trying to re-regulate my internal clock. Last night was the break of my beautiful routine. Darn it!

I was up coughing due to the irritation in the esophagus. Mr. O, as a light sleeper as he always been, woke up and joined me in our early hours of insomnia. We had a lot to talk about and discuss an important life-changing matter. Then in the middle of the conversation in bed, our stomachs rumbled. 

That was a little bit passed three in the morning. 

We decided to move down to the basement, turn on the fireplace, and gnawing on cereal and milk while watching of snippets of YouTube videos of the Ellen Show. How romantic was that? We could have done some “grown-up” physical exercises in that setting and mood, but I was so darn hungry and having an irritated throat was not too conducive to making r-rated moves. We wasted an opportunity, didn’t we? *wink* *wink*

We went back to bed at 4:30 a.m. and less than three hours later our two little friends finally came running to our bed to give us kiss and hugs. 

On a closing note, we do have a big and challenging decision to make. Five years ago we made the same decision, so there was a precedence. This time around is a bit harder because we now have two school-age boys in tow and their priorities are our top priorities. We just have to trust God and Buddha and other High beings who look out for us when we pray. 

And we have to trust each other, too, because we are in it together. 

I apologize for the lack of response to readers’ comments. Usually I am pretty good at it but this week I decided to stay away from my iPhone and iPad whenever necessary to spend more time with O and the boys. I did not even touch my laptop, and only took the camera out briefly on Wednesday when we celebrated Mr. O’s birthday. 

In these days of mordern technology and devices at our fingertips, being unplugged was quite therapeutic.  


11 thoughts on “when we stayed up until 3 in the morning, we had…

  1. I love the idea of a “middle of the night” date, even if it is by accident. Despite the absence of *wink wink*, it sounds quite pleasant to have all that time and quiet for just you and him.

    1. Oh yes, definitely a nice and quiet break from the kids. My husband travels quite a lot for business so it is rare that we have time to ourselves. Friends suggested that we should put the kids up with a babysitter and go out just by ourselves but so far we could have not done it. Not that we can’t afford the babysitting, it’s just the feeling of missing the boys when we are not together, or not having one of us with them.

      We need to do a lot of *wink wink* before I enter menopause and other unimaginable aging process and can’t enjoy the *wink wink* anymore.

      1. Speaking as a post-menopausal mama, let me reassure you that *wink*wink* and even *winkwinkwink* is much more fun now than ever! I remember that feeling of missing the kids when hubby and I went out on a date night. When they became teens, I lost that feeling. 😉

      2. Oh you give me so much hope. I look forward to that. In Vietnam back then when women reach menopause, the husband and wife would sleep separately and the wife’s status is considered “old” and sexual activities at that age were very looking down upon.

        I am glad I live in America!

  2. Đọc cái title xong, sau “…” làm tui cứ tưởng tượng ….như tưởng voi không hà em iu ơi. Xí ẹ, mừng hụt rồi 🙂 🙂

    Ừa, lâu lâu sống theo kiểu “unplugged” mà lại thấy thoải mái đó em iu há! 😉

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