The house of flu 

What a warm day, despite having a bit of windchill!

It turned out Peanut has the influenza. It took us three days to figure out what the heck was going on with Peanut until Mr. O took him to the emergency room at the children’s hospital last night. He had high fever on and off and we were worried about other complication since he had Kawasaki a year ago and he was on aspirin for post-treatment. 

But I am confused, he was vaccinated back in October, doesn’t it help to guard him from the virus? 

Anyway, he is recovering very well today, well enough for him to run and play at the park on a warm day like today. 

I, too, caught the flu virus and have been bed-ridden for three days. The funny thing is, I just had my flu shot the previous Thursday during my annual check up. Fortunately, I slept a lot, which was a blessing in disguise, as if Mr. Insomnia was a long-forgotten ex-boyfriend. 

Reflection of the sun


9 thoughts on “The house of flu 

  1. I did hear that the flu vaccine wasn’t as effective this year as in years past. It didn’t cover all the strains that went around! (Still it should have made him less sick than the flu might have otherwise.) Everyone at work got the crud and we even did the shots at work!

  2. Cả nhà chóng khỏe lại nha. Mùa này, thời tiết thay đổi nên dễ cảm cúm lắm ờ. Mấy hôm nay, bên nhà này cũng te tua đây nè. Bữa nay bớt chút rồi á!

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