released from the winter coop

It’s technically still winter, but we are blessed with a day or two of warm temperatures. The boys ran outside to the front yard this morning and in their most exciting voice, they exclaimed, winter is gone!

Errhh, not yet, we are just borrowing some warm air for the month! But I take what I am given. 😀

Look at this frozen lake…is winter gone?

The boys have no school today nor tomorrow. Fun time it is! We took a walk at our favorite park; it’s been six month long since the last time we were here. They boys really miss this fun play space.

Here are the spread of my fashionable boys in their spring outfits. Kudos to no heavy winter jackets.

It was nice being able to take photos in the open space.


5 thoughts on “released from the winter coop

    1. thank you. The older they get the less enthusiastic they are to having their faces in front of my camera. Nowadays I could only capture them in this kind of moments or else they would no longer want to do poses.

  1. Vài tháng nữa thôi, qua bên Bay Area rồi lại nhớ cảnh tuyết phủ hồ trắng xóa kia cho xem. 🙂

    Nhìn 2 anh em tụi nhỏ chơi đùa vui quá nè. Lâu lâu nhìn lại hình ảnh, thấy tụi nhỏ lớn mau quá nha mẹ đẹp! Coi anh chàng PP đeo kính kool dễ sợ chưa nè 😉

      1. nhớ vậy thôi, nhưng cái ấm áp của CA sẽ làm quên nhanh mà. Chỉ có điều, nhớ Ngoại tụi nhỏ mới là nhớ lâu nè em iu ơi! (ủa, sao tui đang giống tự nói với chính mình dzậy ta ?? 😉 😀 😀 )

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