12 weeks away from SF Bay!

We had a relocation company rep to come to our house this morning to do an estimate of our moving to the SF Bay Area. So far we budget $10K for this move, including the car transportation as we are not doing the road trip as planned. It also include the cost to fly four of us out there for our final departure from the Midwest.

With that said, we have 12 weeks to purge, pack, sell some of our stuff on Craiglists, choose a relocation company, pack, find a house to move to, pack some more, clean, donate stuff to Goodwill, pack, and put this current house on the rental market, and more purge and pack.

12 weeks…not a lot of time as I thought.

It’s the homestretch~!

O’s last day at this current company is next Tuesday, then he flies out to SF for the training.

It’s the freaking homestretch!!!



16 thoughts on “12 weeks away from SF Bay!

  1. Moving is exciting and terrifying at the same time. You can do it! positive energy coming your way from the East coast. 🙂

    1. it sure is! It was not that hard to move from boston to the twin cities five years ago, but now with the cut-throat real estate market, we do have our fear of not finding the right place to live.

      I was an East-Coaster for 9 years! The best time of my life was spent out there.

    1. I am looking forward to the year-around warm weather. It’s been too long for me living in the cold zone. Hopefully it will be a good change for all of us.

    1. mấy tuần nay cũng làm vậy đó, dọn bỏ quần áo đem cho Goodwill. Đa số là quần áo của tụi nhỏ, cứ giữ lại để nếu còn sanh đứa nữa thì dùng mà giờ nghỉ đẻ rồi nên phải đem cho. Cho mà cũng luyến tiếc lắm.

      1. đâu có biết mà chị ba có plan đi qua đó đâu. 😀 Ta nói qua bên đó chổ người ta thích đi du lịch nên sẽ gặp nhiều người hơn. Ở cái xứ khỉ ho cò gáy này ai dám tới.

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