between this and that

Between this…

We are at the last leg of getting rid of the cold/flu virus at our house. The last victim was PP who was diagnosed with pneumonia, and is currently on antibiotics for 10 days. He was in school for only one day last week and the rest was spent at home with me. To tell you the truth, I don’t miss having two whiny kids, particularly the sick kid, being with me 24/7…they drove me up the wall.

That’s why O is taking them out to see Zootopia this afternoon so that I can have a quiet time to myself. I am thankful for that!

…and between that…

Y’all, baby fever is real!

My niece Teapot came over for a visit yesterday and both Mr. O and I gushed over to her cuteness. We gahhh and we awww at how adorable she has become. Her chubby rolls, her almond-shaped eyes, her two bunny teeth…we were both boiling with 105F baby-fever! If it weren’t for our final decision to not have anymore baby, Mr. O and I would have gone back to the baby-making machine last night and do it for real. But we have come to that final decision, with a number of legitimate reasons, that having two kids is quite enough for us.

The background was not ideal. The lighting was not ideal…but I could not resist the urge to dust off my camera and take some photos. We will have better pictures when the weather is getting warmer!

And boys’ clothes are quite boring compare to these pink tutus and ribbon-tied polka-dotted ballet shoes.


18 thoughts on “between this and that

    1. Talking about nostalgia, I was cleaning out my boys’ baby clothes and was being so emo because of their lingering baby scent. That’s also when baby fever set off too.

  1. Cưng quá đỗi luôn à! Nhìn vậy, hỏi sao không bị “baby fever” cũng uổng! Em iu làm tui cũng …..nôn nao theo nè nhen.

    Ủa, dzậy là quyết định nghỉ “sản xuất” thiệt đó hả?

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