Amish time, my butt!!!

I just cursed at myself!

I have recently been installing a self-imposed rule for setting the Amish Time at 10:30 p.m. to put away my iPhone and iPad. 

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been quite effective and consistent this week. 

Tonight I pulled two episodes of Descendants of the Sun, my new Korean-drama addiction, and now I am up going through some clothes purging since I cannot fall back to sleep. 

It’s ok, Soong Joong Ki is a fine man to look at, and so are his other co-stars. This drama picked me up from a long period of drama slump. 

It’s worth a failure of abiding my Amish Time. Mr. O isn’t here to scold me for waking him up, fortunately!

(He is enjoying San Francisco, by the way.)

P.S. This is just an excuse in disguise to say that I am addicted to this Korean drama. 


3 thoughts on “Amish time, my butt!!!

    1. Sau những Bộ rất là vô duyên thì chị thấy Bộ này hay. Em coi thử đi. Có rất nhiều người không thích nhưng chị thích vì cốt truyện nó chính chắn chứ không trẻ con. Chị không thích phim có mấy vai nữ chánh yếu đuối.

  1. Chac em doi phim ra het roi coi 1 lan luon cho da. The last dramas that I watched and liked were Kill Me, Heal Me and She Was Pretty. Chi. coi hai bo nay chua?

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