three generations

In the span of 26 years, our family have expanded from eight original members (three are missing from the photo — Dad is in Vietnam, eldest brother is in Florida, and another brother in California) to 21, and three-generation connected, with the first of fourth generation on the way!

We are like prawns, spawning offsprings from left to right. 😀

I hope my two kids will look back at this journey and still stay connected to their immigrant-roots, and that they are proud of their parents for making it in America.


14 thoughts on “three generations

  1. Wow, gần đông đủ cả nhà luôn heng! Vui vậy đó!

    Em iu đến Mỹ được 26 năm rồi hơ. Còn tui đến cuối năm nay cũng 21 năm rồi nè, nhanh ghê luôn.

    Nhìn cả nhà cười vui vẻ mà tui cũng vui theo luôn nè.

    PS: Nhỏ T. sắp sanh rồi hả má Năm?

    1. Thank you. I am blessed to have five other siblings. If it weren’t for financial reason and that if I were to have kids earlier, I would love to have more children. Now my eggs are aging even after a few years of trying, we are unable to have anymore.

      1. My mom adopted me, after years of trying to have a child of their own. Then a year later she got pregnant. Funny how things work out! You’re a great mama to your boys. And I can see that you feel so fulfilled when you are with with them.💜

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