Spring Break is over…

…or in PP’s word, back to reality!

I don’t know where he learned that phrase from, but this morning after breakfast Mr. O asked the boys to take their study-folders out to do some work, and PP just slapped his forehead, then sighed…back to reality. It’s been a wonderful week of Spring Break, although we did not do much for them, but I think it was fulfilling.

Back to my normal schedule starting from tomorrow.


One thought on “Spring Break is over…

  1. Bữa nay tụi nhỏ đi học lại rồi heng. Còn vài tuần nữa là nghỉ hè, rồi qua bên Bay Area bây giờ!

    Thích tấm hình ông O đang dạy 2 anh em tụi nhỏ quá nhen. ❤

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