Moving to SF Bay updates

1. We found a moving company, who will move our household belonging and the one vehicle for well under $5K. That’s half of our budget. The other half will go into air tickets for the four of us and other miscellaneous expenses. 

2. We found a rental management company to be the middleman for the current property. It looks like we will have this house for rent in no time since it is in a good/ideal location for renters with young children. 

3. Buy or rent? We are leaning towards buying a small townhouse out there in the Bay Area where we could potentially afford.  There are many reasons that went into this decision. We really want to settle in and not to move twice (packing and unpacking is pain in the ass) and we also want the kids to settle in without much interruption to their new surrounding. 

4. I am patting myself on the back for doing quite a lot of purging and reorganizing out belongings. So far we have gotten rid off half of our clothes. I was triggered-happy to toss most of our winter outfits into the donation bins. Yay to warm weather, we really don’t need snow pants and boots, or a whole collection of down-feather winter coats. Adieu!

5. At times I just want June to be around the corner already. But I know it is a blessing to have a few months in between. We need these few months to prepare ourselves for the move. 

…more updates to come!