sensitivity training

I have never watched the movie, nor read the book Charlotte’s Web before so I have no idea how the story goes but I learned yesterday that it is indeed a sad movie. It’s sad enough for my six-year-old to feel so sympathetic and cry his heart out.

Poor kid!

Last night I was on the treadmill when he came into the room crying with tears flowing out onto the cheeks. For a moment I though he fought with Peanut and somehow got punched somewhere by his brother. But it turned out, he said, amidst the sniffles, that he did not want to continue watching the movie anymore. I asked him why and he said that it was such a sad movie because Charlotte died. Tears continued rolling!

I had to jump off from the treadmill to comfort him, and suggested that he should watch something funny to counter balance the sadness.

Five minutes later he was on the couch laughing and watching some fun show with his brother.