It’s over!

Yes, it is really over. After 8 long weeks of every Wednesday and Thursday nights, The Descendants of The Sun has come to a great ending. 

It’s not a perfect drama; there were parts that seemed illogical, but I expected that from the realm of reality-constructed plots. Nevertheless, the overall feel of the drama left me with a greater appreciation for the writer, production crew, and the cast. The cinemaphotography was beautifully designed and filmed. Beautiful- and handsome-looking actors who know how to act and do it so naturally. And there were no stupid silly love triangle, or crazy-whacking parents from the richest family opposing the main leads and their love line. I hate those kind of dramas. Urghhh!

I have been watching hundreds of K-drama since the mid-1990 and I don’t have too many favorites that is worthy of a blog post. Part of it is due to me being inconspicuous of my drama-addiction, and other part is due to the lack of effort in writing review. 

Anyway, I consider Descendants of The Sun as one of my favorites, surpassing You From Another Star. It’s worthy of the time and financial investment of the pre-production. I wish more K-drama will follow this format so the latter part of the plots don’t seem choppy and rush and badly-edited. 
I think I am going to take a break from k-dramas for a while to focus on our impending move to California. 🙂