Between this and that, again!

I don’t want to fill up this blog with only news of my kids get sick and/or about our frantic drive to the hospitals, but things like these do happen and take place. And when I write these down, it is more for me to archive and remember the days in our lives. 

This place has helped me a lot when I need to go back in time for dates and events when Mr. O asked me about something related. Please pardon my sounding of a Debbie Downer as I am exhausted after two nights of watching over a sick kid. Fortunately he has been a good kid; lots of energy and spirit and not whiny or clingy. 


Peanut has urinary tract infection (UTI). I have no idea how he contracted the bacteria but we noticed two nights ago he wet his bed couple times and the increase frequency of bathroom trips every five to ten minutes. 

I called the clinic to set up same-day appointment but a few hours before that we saw blood coming out when he urinated. The frantic drive to the ER ensued with Mr. O packing clothes and laptop (he is in the middle of writing financial reports) thinking that we would need to stay overnight. You can tell we are experienced parents with all the necessary preps. The hospital is just five minutes drive from our house but somehow traffic was a crunch with too many red lights. We were impatient!

Fortunately we did not have to stay overnight. Peanut was quickly diagnosed by the ER Doctor and was released after three hours. He is now on a five-day antibiotics treatment. 

And he has a love/hate relationship with potty training pants. We let him wear it these two days to monitor his urine flow and sights of blood. He still wants to go to the bathroom every five to ten minutes, forgetting that he has a diaper on. At the mall today I told him just to do it right there when we he had the urge, but he insisted that I take him to the bathroom because doing it in public was embarrassing for him. Well-mannered kid, isn’t he?


That was Monday. Phew!

Today he is well and happy so I took him out. Mr. O also needed calm and quiet space to concentrate and he could not do so with Peanut around. I ended up taking Peanut out to a few places to stretch the time. It was exhausting!

We met Peter Rabbit. The bunny made my kid happy and forgetting that he was sick. It’s worth my exhaustion.