If the main road is blocked

If the main road is blocked, take the alley way. We will find that beautiful destination, even when it takes a little bit more time to get to it. 

Woah, since when do I become a person who could come up with this kind of inspirational quote?

It must have been a feed from insomnia. 

The below quote was picked up from an app, though. So I am not that original. Which is fine!


We lost a few bids on homes that we like. It’s like going on dates all over again to look for that most comparable person who matches 60% to 80% of your desirable criteria. 

We are eight weeks away from moving. Although things might look like a stand-still for now, we still have hope that we will have a place to move in soon. 

I am gathering spirits from the universe to grant us this not-so-simple wish. It will happen!

There are plenty of alleyways for us to detour until that final destination is reached.