SF Bay | life keeps on moving

Today I am posting a series of furniture for sale on Craigslist. Moving to California is getting more REAL now.

Did I tell you, we have a change of plan?

We are moving there the first week of June, not late June.

And we found a house.

Yes, a house; not a condo, not a town house, but a single family home. The house has a lemon tree and a lime tree. FREE LEMONADE and LEMON WATER for the rest of our lives. 😀 That would save me a lot of money from buying lemon and limes because I basically have them in my fruit drawer all the time.

(Don’t know why I am excited about getting these two citrus trees. Perhaps I like fruit-bearing trees rather than the boring ones I have in my backyard.

Sorry boring trees, I am moving on to loving your other colleagues.)

After a recent post about taking the alleyways and asking the universe to grant me that wish, magic just happened! Now we are slaving the rest of our lives for that American dream of multiple home ownerships. Let’s hope that it’s a good investment.

With this new change of plan, we have a month left to get our act together — packing, renting this current house, closing on the new house…

Too much to do, yeh?

I am asking the universe for another wish…I need renter for this current home.


While I was taking photos of the furnitures, this little darling came hugging the love seat asking me not to sell it because he loves it so much.

(Long exposure, activated!)

Anyone interested in this comfortable and big love seat? It’s olive green. 😀