tamed heart

It was a busy weekend for us. Mr. O was home for only two days and back again to SF again this morning. We took the weekend to continue cleaning and purging more belongings that we no longer need. I sold some furnitures on Craigslist and got a few hundred dollars. It’s great to send off these well loved pieces of furniture to good homes. 😀

But amidst our busy weekend, we took the boys out to the park for a nice evening walk.

Finally, it feels like spring with the galore of cherry blossoms. It is at the peak of blooming season and my surrounding is engulfed in pink and red gamut of colors. I don’t know if there will be cherry blossoms in the SF Bay area next spring, so I took these photos until my heart is tamed. 😀

Aren’t they lovely?

This piece right down here is going to be one of my wall arts for the new place.