The third generation of Vietnamese-hyphenated children 

I try to speak ask much of Vietnamese to the boys as possible, or whenever my busy head allow me some free nerves to think in Vietnamese. 

PP used to call me Mommy, instead of Mẹ, until Peanut was able to mumble his first few words, and one of those was Mẹ. Since then, PP also started calling me Mẹ just like his younger sibling. 

Recently PP started writing the sounds in Vietnamese the way he hears it from me. 

So tung is the phonic sound for thương, which is a variation of the word love, that emphasizes the empathetic connection of mutual relationship. 

Con thương Mẹ! 

Each of them would say that to me throughout the day. That’s music to my ears!

I can’t guarantee much about their future of speaking and writing Vietnamese, but I hope they still show interest in learning the language from me.