strawberry wine

I supposed to be working on packing…but I feel like I need a dose of artsy feed first before feeling the physical energy for the rest of my day.

Here are a few of my backyard’s artsy stuff I captured over the weekend. (My laptop is so slow and lagging behind, making editing a huge challenge, or else I could have posted some more!)

This is a cross-cut view of my green onions. Who would have thought that it could look artsy that way. I had it in color version, but I am more drawn to the dark gloomy tone of black and white a bit more. B/W shows better contrasts of shapes and lines.

Old and dried day-lily pods that still last after the harsh winter. The boys think that these pods are there to capture and eat small bugs, like those man-eating plants.


Strawberry flowers. They grow on their own after the last frost. The boys are hoping to eat the first crop of fruit before our move in early June. I doubt it!

Somehow it reminds me of this one country song, Strawberry Wine, I listened to long ago, perhaps 20 years, sung by Deana Carter (I had to google it for her name!) Although I did not understand that this song is a reference to losing one’s virginity at that time. Nevertheless, the lyrics was beautiful (and still is!) while I was at that young age of constant day-dreaming and whatnot.