Back to square two

We should have trusted out guts from the beginning but in the midst of multi-front planning we overlooked a few aspects that came back to bite us in the ass. 

And we went back to square two!

Instead of having the movers coming to pick up our stuff tomorrow, we postponed it to June 6. Instead of flying out to SFO on June 4, we are flying out there on June 12. 

It cost us a good amount of money for altering the plans but I think we saved ourselves from headache and potentially more money we might need to shell out to pay the movers from A-company if we were to go with their services. B-company charges us more when we went with plan B but they are more reputable and we used them before for our move from Boston to Minnesota five years ago. We could not trust A-company at all. 

With all that said and done, we are still moving to San Francisco, just a few days later. 

Dang it, I have to reset my count down – 22 days!