stress bins


We have been under a lot of stress. Of course, moving and stress inevitably come together like a pair of best friends, and I anticipated it. But sometimes it is hard to bear.

Mr. O has undertaken a complex examination assignment this week so that pushed us to the edge at times. We have huffed and puffed at each other a few times this week too, just because he walked around like an airhead only focusing on writing financial reports. He then spilled his stress on over to me as if I have nothing better to do.

Then money…every dollar sprint out from our saving accounts like they are running track and field reaching for gold medal at the Olympics. I mean, we are dirt poor by the time this move is all said and done.

And we have to pack the rest of our stuff by the end of this week. Fortunately I have been slowly packing almost half of everything we own since April. Hopefully it will be a quick turn around.


This will soon pass, right?

I hope so. 😀 Then we can enjoy California.