I thought it is June

light rain in the morning

Mr. O woke up at 4:30 a.m. this morning to get ready for airport shuttle pick-up. I woke up with him to help with the rest of his packing and once he left I could not fall back asleep. That’s the thing about waking up at such hour, that by the time he left the door I saw a glimpse of breaking dawn and my mind went, oh, it’s morning already, I need to do some work.

I wrote a note for our new tenants who will be moving in here in two weeks. I gave them a list of utility agencies, contact information, notes about services and scheduling. I also included a list of our favorite places — grocery stores, restaurants, parks and hiking trails, and places I consider as hidden gems. You might not believe it, but I even gave them my OB/GYN physician’s contact whom I love too much and am sad to leave behind.

The boys woke up and I got PP ready for school. Now the little Peanut is here with me. I wish I have someone to entertain and look after him for just a few hours so I can get my hands free of his constant need for attention. I hate having him sitting in front of the iPad but that’s the only solution I have for now. At least he is watching PBS shows and playing with preschooler apps.

The auto transport company will pick up our car today. They are supposed to come as early as 9 a.m. but I have not seen any body at my door yet. The waiting game begins!

I have more packing to do. It’s a slow-moving progress, but I am making it work by doing most of it by myself.

It could be better if I have extra help, but I am one who is shy from asking for favors, so I am reluctant to ask my brothers as they all have kids and busy lives.

And I thought today is June 1.