June 2 — accomplishments

Finally my Mr. First-Born has graduated from Kindergarten. It’s been a rough year for him and us but he seems to grow from the challenges and so have we. 

Tomorrow is his last day of Kindergarten but the teachers held  a graduation ceremony for the kids earlier today. It was very adorable seeing them in their handmade caps and their own hand-printed t-shirts. The teacher’s speech brought us parents to tears. 

Prior to the ceremony all kindergarten families met up at a near-by park for a picnic. I was able to catch up with a few parents with whom I volunteered at class parties. It’s was nice to say good bye to them. 

On a different note, my accomplishment for today was to install the Carbon Monoxide detector by myself. It was easier than I thought it would, but thanks to a useful Lowe’s video from YouTube that I watched for tutorial. 

The last fancy meal that I cook using the stove top is chicken phở with some rare beef slices on top. I am cleaning out the fridge so chicken phở was the choice on our menu. The kids ate well today!