June 6 & 7 — boys and truck

I was so tired yesterday after 10 hours of packing and cleaning that I forgot to write. My children have been neglected by me these past three days and going wild from the lack of parenting. Luckily they are in good care with my mom and sister-in-law. 

And today the big truck is here. Look at this huge beast that will be carrying out belongings to the west coast. 

And no, we don’t have that much of stuff. The truck carries three loads for three different customers and we happen to be one of them. It’s heading to Northern California. 

The movers from this company are so professional. Unlike the scammers we first hired from the other company. 

Once the movers are done loading I have to begin deep cleaning of the entire house. 

My husband better book me a massage session once I am there.