June 13 — making a house into a home

PP still wants to go back to Minnesota because he misses my family. I should have done something more to prepare him for this transition but haven’t done much. I think another reason was because he had so much fun and freedom last week when staying at my brother’s home and hanging out with his cousins that now he feels lonely and bored. 

I took the boys out to Home Depot and Target today to get cleaning supplies and bathroom accessories. It was stressful because for the first time both were not listening very well and Peanut even had a tantrum at Target. I was so embarrassed as other people throwing glances at me. It was my mistake taking them out around noon when they did not have lunch yet and Peanut was tired, hence the tantrum and naughtiness. 

This house that we just moved to was previously owned by an elderly couple in their 80s with the woman partially disabled. Therefore they left the house uncleaned for years. I cannot stand dirty floor, and those dark black grimes between the tile grout. I was not much of a germaphobic until today. *goose bumps all over*  I had no choice but on my knees scrubbing with disinfectant and a cleaning brush. What a difference a few scrubbing could make. 

The grossest was the dish washer with black goo and mold built up in clumps. I almost threw up disinfecting and scooping goo out. I mean, how could they leave the dish washer in such unhealthy condition? Unbelievable!!! It took a few runs with vinegar afterward for it to become usable. I still need to get baking soda for more deep cleaning tomorrow. The boys stressed me out so much at the store that I couldn’t get all the stuff I needed. 

I almost told Mr. O that we need a replacement for the dishwasher because of all the mold. 

The work crew will come sometimes next week to install hardwood floor in the bedrooms because we decided to rip out the dirty carpet. Mr. O and I both prefer hardwood floor as we have it at the house in MN. It is easier to clean than with carpet collecting dust and dirt. 

I cannot wait for the floor to be finished so I can start putting things together. 

We had our first homecook dinner today and it was Hainanese Chicken Rice; my version, of course.