June 14 & 15 — warming up to California 

I have been trying to get the boys back to a normal routine to help ease their transition. I also give them a time to detox from loose behaviors, unstructured routine, overdoses of junk food consumption, and iPad/TV times. They had too much of that last week to the point of being out of control. 

Yesterday I took a break from scrubbing the grouts and unpacking to give them outdoors time. We found a nice park not too far from where we live to get them physical activities. This park is just as nice as the one we were lucky to have in Minnesota. It’s very well maintained. I learn about this park from having a random introductory conversation with a mom I met at a park near our house. Once she heard that we just moved into town she began giving me suggestions of where to take the kids. It was nice of her. 

Today they were back at doing some academic work just to give their brains productive stimulation that make up for the loss of brain cells. PP did some comprehensive reading and math while Peanut had his work on letter tracing and cutting. Later in the day they played with their Lego blocks and then I took them to another park for more physical play time. 

I am happy to report that they did not have iPad time even though I have them a little TV time. Can’t detox them cold turkey from too much screen time. They still drove me mad with sibling bikering, hitting, fighting, and arguing. Is this normal with boys?

Yesterday Linh pack her three kids and drove about 45 minutes to visit us. She brought food that Chị Tím made and a big organic locally grown watermelon. It’s one of the best I have had. She also got me four different kind of flowers as house-warming gifts. 

I am fortunate to have friends like her.