June 16 & 17 — the sunburnt hill

It’s so dry here in Northern California that the one color we see is pale yellowish beige cream, or whatever the name of actual color is. Yesterday the boys and I hiked up a trail high enough to look down and see the tops of a mountain range on the other side. 

It’s a very different landscape from what I have known living in the Midwest and a bit of New Endland. When I drove over the mountain ridge the other day the boys saw mountain goats and lamas eating dry grass. PP said the the grass have sunburn. 

Look at Peanut hiking that far up in his crocs. He had a hard time going down later on and cried for help. 
Today we spent half a day trying to get our car registered for the state of California. The wait was about two hours long. That’s the result of over population here in this part of the country. 

I do miss the Midwest’s laid back atmosphere!

Today Linh came over again with bags of organic and locally grown food that I cannot get in my part of town. Her kids and mine played so well with each other, except for the cranky pant Peanut because he was tired. I wish we could have lived a bit more closer to each other. 

O said he wants to adopt her family.