June 18 — too long of a vacation

We were planning to go into San Francisco today for sight seeing but the plan got cancelled in the morning. No worry, it’s not like we are going back to Minnesota anytime soon. Plenty of occasions to be tourists in the Bay Area. 

Out tenants moved in this morning and from what our agent relayed to us, they are very happy to move into a nice and clean home. Damn right they are, I spent two days cleaning it up, on my hands and knees scrubbing it clean!

O took us to a cafe next town over where after breakfast we walked around a farmer market. It’s a small one compare to other places that I heard that are bigger and with more vendors. Our fridge is still overflown with food so I refrained from buying more produce and fruits. I saw that one vendor had Asian greens grown organically, and the price is just too good to walk away, but I refrained. Perhaps next week I will get some. 

The sun was too strong even at 11 in the morning. I had to stop by a shop to get a wide brimmed hat to guard my face from the sun. 

PP still wants to go back to Minnesota. He said that this vacation is just too long of a stay.