June 21 — blooming

The previous home owners had these planted in the backyard. They are in full bloom and I don’t know the names yet but will find out. I did not see many of them in Minnesota.

I love taking close-up photos of flowers and seeing finer details that showed up as surprises, like the tiny strings of spider web in this one. 

It was just a lazy day staying indoors while the temperatures reached almost up to 100 with little breeze. I was going to take the kids to a public park that has the water splash pad then changed my mind after reading some reviews and news articles about the safety, and the lack thereof, of that particular neighborhood. There were so many of splash pads where we lived in Minnesota that I wish they would have more here. But then again, the major draught and lack of rainfall would prevent the cities and towns to build them to save on water. 

Anyway, one more thing to adjust here — saving water and living with water restriction.