June 23 — second chance

I am not myself today.

I am frustrated at Mr. O.

I am bothered by the hyperactive boys.

I am stressed out by living in a disorganized house. Although it is temporary, it still stresses me out. (The floor crew will finish installing the wood floor tomorrow, so I see the end to this mess soon.)

I have a stiff neck.

Today I am not myself. I don’t even like the “me” today.

Mr. O and I had a squabble over something that is trivial (but he thinks it’s a big deal) which gets me frustrated. I don’t like it when he is away and sometimes dictates what I should and should not do with the boys. Sometimes we are not on the same page and that frustrates me to no end. I wish he spends more alone time with the boys like I do just to get a taste of what I have to work on with them every day.

He empathizes most of the time, but when he is busy and too focused with his work he tends to forget that taking care of the boys is MY FULL-TIME JOB, and I get tired of it at times. I don’t mean that I am not enjoying it, I just want to have a break from them from time to time.

Is that too selfish of me?

Whenever that selfish thought ran across my mind, I feel guilty at the next minute. Guilty for wanting to get away from the kids, even just for a few hours.

Anyway, enough being a Debbie Downer….life goes on!

I am giving these basil and mints a second chance to grow. They will stay in the glass for a few days until I see new roots coming out and then will pot them.

Lunch — one-plate rice dish with blanched vegetable, caramelized chicken with quail eggs, and fresh cucumbers. My comfort food!

Art/Free-play Hour. I gave them a box of pens, scissors, paper, and a roll of painter tape. Go ahead, do whatever you want with them. Get your creativity on!

…and then two heroes were born.

(that freed me about an hour to do more scrubbing the nasty grouts.)

gotta love this superhero’s cape.