June 24-26 — oh the space!

Yay! Wood floors are in place and we finally have our bedrooms. Last night was the first night all of us slept on proper beds and I slept so well. To simply have the breathing space makes me feel a whole lot better. I am spending time this week to finish unpacking the rest of our stuff and organize the storage space.

The weather is heating up and it is ironic that we stay in most of the time to avoid the inferno, just like how we cooped up inside during the winter months in Minnesota. Well, California has the leg up in the competition because we don’t have to bundle up to go outside.

It’s funny that we have been here for two weeks and still have not seen anything in SF. My brothers asked if we have visited the Golden Gate and the ocean. It’s going to be our plan to do some sight seeing this coming holiday weekend.

(Oh my gosh, July Fourth weekend is coming up!)

And finally we went for a walk I downtown Walnut Creek. It is such a great place to stroll after the sun cool down. I like this town a lot but we could not afford getting in. Oh well, maybe our next house will be here.

Just kidding. No more moving. Not in a few years. Ok, maybe in 20 years when we need to downsize.

It’s a Tesla store. That car costs an arm and a leg.

Cute water fountain as a resting space for kids.

Another water fountain at the head of the shopping alley way.

Another water fountain. This one is more contemporary that attracts lots of kids.

Sunset over the mountain on our way home.