SF Bay staycation, pt. 1

It’s still surreal to us that we are living in SF Bay Area and could take a staycation by driving just about 30 miles into town. I had always wanted to bring Mr. O and the kids to visit SF while we were living in the Midwest, but plans were never materialized due to timing and cost.

And now we are here…

I am still adjusting to the idea of living in one of the most iconic metropolitan areas in the U.S. Mr. O said that I am such a country bumpkin…and he is right. I really am!

There is no ocean-view in Minnesota, and you know how much I love being closed to the ocean.

View from a major highway in Oakland looking over the bay to SF; about to get on the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge.

On the Bay Bridge and coming out from the Yerba Buena tunnel.

And a beautiful view of the northern end of SF appeared in front of us with the Golden Gate Bridge in the far distance partially shrouded in fog.

This is the view from Pier 39 looking over to East Bay.

I will continue with part 2 tomorrow. 😀 We covered quite a few ground on foot today; I am tired. 😀


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