some thoughts and more photos of San Francisco

I should have posted more photos about our day trip visiting San Francisco a week or two ago, but then I can’t seem to find a quiet time in between chaos to put my mind into it.

Sometimes I wonder, what’s the point of keeping a blog? But I know this blog will always be here, because I know this is my personal space and even though I don’t write as much as I used to, it’s still a place I feel comfortable to write from little to big things about life.

Recently I returned to FB after a three-year hiatus. The reason I did so is because I need to have an easy way to update my family in MN about the boys. But I still find FB is even more overwhelming for me as it was three years ago before I first deactivated. FB is like an auction warehouse…or a wet market…too many people, too much, and I have little time to keep up with what’s going on up there. As an introvert person, I find blogging as my personal style, like I can come into a tea house just sit there, sipping a cup of tea, observe other people, watch passerby walking up and down the street, and taking things in if I want to without the obligation to start a conversation with anyone.

I really am an introvert, am I not?

Anyway, photos you ask? Here they are…

I like bridges, and find them fascinating as well as intimidating by the sheer magnitude of construction and endurance for daily use. This new Bay Bridge that connects East Bay and San Francisco does just that for me.

Driving fast through the bridge and looking over to see part of San Francisco. There is the Coit Tower on the right, and the Golden Bridge is in the back, although it’s barely visible.

We parked the car at Mr. O’s work place for free which saved us about $50 in parking, then walked over to the Ferry Building where the weekly farmer’s market was taking place. It is such a vibrant and upbeat place; reminding me of Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market in Boston.

Photo Heavy

This place is a hit for local Bay residents and tourists, and we visited right on July Fourth weekend, with more tourists visiting. I was so overwhelmed and afraid we would lose the boys among the crowd, so I could not take more photos of vendors and produces that were available at the market.

The day was nice and warm, and we saw people sitting either alone or in groups enjoying freshly made food looking out to the water. On the right is the ferry station for boats that take people to Oakland. And the Bay Bridge is in the background, connecting to Yerba Buena Island.

From the wharf looking back to Financial District. When we visited in January we stayed at a hotel right there in one of those buildings.

Well hello, there is my boy. We started walking for a mile or so to Pier 39, the most vibrant section of the north end of SF wharfs. The Coit Tower is in the background.

It looked bright and sunny, but it was cold. The most interesting thing that both Mr. O and I observed was…there were a lot of runners, some topless, running along this path. But only those with great physique were topless, showing off their physical perfection to the world.

And I mean, lots of them. So if anyone wants to have a feast at people watching, this might be a place to be.

Mr. Cool trying to skateboard. 😀

This skate-board truck was outside of a museum. I can’t remember the name so I leave it as is.

Coit Tower and the view of multimillion-dollar homes. I am sure those live there have picturesque view of the Bay. (So envious!) If I were to live there I would put the camera on a tripod and take picture of every hour of the day.

We are almost there at Pier 39!

There it is!!!

I will have to stop right here and post more some other time. 😀 There are some more photos of Pier 39, eating dimsum in Chinatown, the ride up to Lombard Street (the famous zigzag street!), and our trip to San Jose.

In the mean times, photos of beautiful and handsome people. 😀 (Self adulation too much?)

It was really windy at the wharf!


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