the face!

My brother Khôi picked us up from LAX on our first day in L.A. To celebrate Peanut’s birthday he took us to this new and trendy Japanese restaurant in L.A’s Little Tokyo. We did not actually plan on celebrating Peanut birthday with cake and ice cream but brother Khôi was very considerate, and unbeknownst to me, he secretly asked the waitstaff for the special favor.

After a stretch of dinner time, a waitstaff suddenly appeared holding the plate and started singing the birthday song. We all thought that it was for someone else and told Peanut that how nice it was he shared the birthday with another person in the room.

Until the waitstaff walked through the set of tables and chairs then came to our booth.

Huh? Is this for me? Really?

This was the actual face of surprise when the birthday boy realized that the ice cream, the lit candle, and the Happy Birthday song sung by the entire restaurant patrons was for him. He did not expect or think it was actually for him…until the waitstaff placed the plate in front of him.

What a nice surprise. He was bewildered, wholeheartedly!

…and so he turned FOUR. I still have 14 whole years with him full-time until he goes off to college.

Why am I counting the years? It scares me to think that in between a few blinks he will grow up and go on with his independent journey of life.

Oh nice, finally I feel relaxed to blow this candle…

…and get to my ice cream. Yum!

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