east coast connected to west coast

She was our matchmaker. Đây là “bà mai” của mình nè!

It seems like, we are destined to be this close to one other!

She was my very first friend in Boston when I left Minnesota for grad school 14 years ago and barely knew anyone at that time. The first time we met, she took me on a drive to the Berkshires for the spectacular New England fall foliage. Later on she introduced me to a few more friends of hers. One of those friends was Mr. O’s co-worker at the time. And it’s all due to knowing her that I first met Mr. O at a Vietnamese Tết Festival at Bayside Expo Center in Dorchester, MA. That was 13 years ago! The rest is…you know, Mr. O and I are now approaching our 8th year of marriage.

After chasing after our respective careers, lives, marriages, and now kids…we are now both living in the San Francisco Bay area. So many friends have come and gone, but Little Sister (as Mr. O nicknamed her) is always one of importance to us. 😀


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