The first cut is the deepest

Like this…

Well, there are two cuts on this one. And he cried his heart out as blood dripped profusely onto my hands at the park. I had to wrap a clean towel around the foot and tied with a rubber band before driving seven miles to the nearest hospital. 

After four hours in the ER, and two stitches for the deepest cut, he knows that from now on he should put his shoes on while running wild at the park. I told him so many times today. 

Lesson learned the painful way. Literally, it was a really painful lesson for him. 

For a little guy whose hobby is running and jumping around, this experience is going to be a challenge for him. Let’s see how well can he handle being partially immobile for ten days. 

And school starts on Monday!

*the title is taken from a Cat Steven’s song. 


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