from Marin to Sonoma

the serenity of life

Guess where we went yesterday?

One of Mr. O’s colleagues invited us to come up to their cabin in Sonoma County for lunch. It’s about two-hour drive from where we lived, but the colleague suggested taking a scenic drive, which took us more than four hours.

But I am not complaining…it was just beautiful and exciting and amazing and natural and…I was lost for words at one point or another because I just could not come up with proper adjectives to describe the experience.

I was born in a coastal town, so I love the ocean. Although I am not a beach girl per se, I think the ocean is my kind of landscape. Driving through the northern part of Pacific Coast Highway just brought me back to this particular experience — half deja vu, half euphoric, with some delirium adding on top — I was mesmerized at how this beautiful place could exist like that…and I was lucky to be there.

No wonder the word “breathtaking” exists…the scenery took my breath away. 

tóc gió tung bay. I had a nice hair-day yesterday.

While driving through thick groves of tall and mature eucalyptus trees we breathed in its sensational scent and aroma filling in the air. It was like a natural session of aromatherapy. I was healed from whatever ailment I had had. 

Then the fog…making parts of the drive so dreamy.

the fog covered mountain tops, and some descended down onto the valleys and pastures. 

Very tall redwood trees at the cabin.

Small but cozy and homey cabin in the woods, surrounded by redwood trees

I think Marin and Sonoma are two beautiful names for girls. 😀 Maybe I should keep them on my list for the next child. Just kidding. No more no more…we are done with that!


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