Accomplishment of the week

I have been so busy now that PP has started the school year and Mom is here. Those late nights quiet time and sleeping in mornings are now luxury. Well, the insomniac in me still keep me up late at night but waking up early at 6:30 is now a routine. 

But yes, that’s not really my accomplishment of the week. I have something else more important to legitimately brag about on this blog. 

And that is…*drum roll*

I passed my driver knowledge and have officially become a California driver on Friday. I almost failed the test with five wrong answers, which was one more away from failing. 


It was nerve racking, no less! And I studied the manual like nuts. When it comes to standardized test I am just not too confident. 

But I passed, just not with flying colors. 

And the best part that put me at ease more than passing the knowledge test was registering to vote as a California resident in November. I am so determined to get to the poll and vote this year to keep the incompetent, bigoted, and narcissist individual to never return to the presidential race again in his life. I cannot wait!


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