OMG, it’s September!

Officially, it’s September. 

I woke up at 5 am today so my brain is not really mine. Mom woke up even earlier because she was so excited for her bus trip from Oakland to Westminster. She went to visit my younger brother Khôi. I called Uber for her and it was her first time taking Uber. From what she told me, it was a good experience. The bus ride wasn’t bad either as it was also her first time taking a long-distance bus for travel. 

Anyway, seven years ago in Boston Mr. O and I took her to the airport after her spending ten days or so awaiting the birth of Mr. PP. but the little guy was more than a week overdue and my mom had to go back to work so she left after extending her leave once. 

Then guess what, that night my water broke. Actually it was in the early morning of September 2 that my water broke. Mr. O and I drove to the hospital with a full moon shining our way. 

I gave birth to my first born at 6:33 pm that evening after more than 12 hours in labor. He came out weighing at 10 lbs and with a cone head. 

Ahhh, and it’s been seven year!


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