life with two boys, 09.23.16

Happy Friday!

I have been so busy this week as a pool-side mom. The boys had swimming lessons at our local community pool and my afternoons were filled with sunshine right by the pool watching the boys learning to swim with their instructors. We could not have done that in MN this time of the year so thankfully Northern California weather allowed the boys to get into the water at an outdoor pool.

By the end of the week, PP managed to swim on his own, which was a huge achievement. On the first day he was paralyzed at the thought of his head going under the water and unable to follow instructions or catch up while other kids in his class were of advance level. He felt so discouraged and did not want to come back the next day. Fortunately on second day a private-lesson kid did not show up and that extra instructor took him for a one-on-one lesson; he managed to submerge the head and hold his breath for a second at most. From then on, he made significant progress on the third and final day. Yesterday he was finally able to swim free-style for a few feet, and gained so much confidence at that.

Too bad the classes are filled this week and we are on waiting list for both age groups. They asked to continue taking lessons again. Maybe we will do it again in June.

Yesterday was Picture Day at school. He gave me five-minute to take a few photos of him as he practiced the poses. My First-Born is so grown up in these photos.

And then onto my other boy. He is my homeschool buddy who now enjoys sitting at his new shared-desk that Mr. O built for the boys during this two-week vacation last week. They said good bye to our dining table, which had been a host of their homework and art time until this new Ikea desk showed up.


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