Post-fight apology

The boys fought. 

PP wanted to record on the iPad his animated videos using Lego characters. It was his turn but Peanut made his way into the video. 

Fight ensued. I broke the deal, asking both of them to take five-minute chill time and away from each other. 

At reconciliation, PP made his way to Peanut and was ready to apologize. 

PP: sorry Khalam, I should have used better word. 

Peanut: that’s not sorry, Noah, say xin lỗi Khalam.  

PP: Xin lỗi Khalam, you are the king!

Peanut: Xin lỗi Noah. Can we play now?

I was cracking up at how the younger guy demanded for an apology in Vietnamese. 

They are back on best-friend terms now. 

One thought on “Post-fight apology

  1. Nghe hai anh em nói chuyện dễ thương quá chị ơi 🙂 Khalam chắc nói được tiếng Việt thường xuyên hơn Noah hả chị?

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