the odds and ends


Mr. O and I decided to vote early today because we can. I could have waited until next Tuesday to cast the ballot but am afraid of the crowd and Mr. O is leaving on Sunday for a two-week assignment in Hawaii (YES, I KNOWWWW, HE IS GOING TO HAWAII FOR TWO WEEKS…I AM SO JEALOUS!) With these reasons we went to the early-voting site and voted. Now all we have to do is waiting anxiously, biting nails, too, for next Tuesday to come. I actually am mentally exhausted from following the current of news about the election, so about a week ago when I had my surgery, I decided not to follow as religiously as I did before. I need to focus my energy, both physical and mental, into recovering and building a better immune system for my health. And news about D.T. isn’t doing much good for my health so I kicked him to the curb.

This is my 5th presidential election that I have had the privilege to vote as a law-biding American citizen. It makes me feel proud to take part in this political process that other people might take it for granted. As an immigrant when I came to America 26 years ago, we were lost but then eventually found…and America took us in, fed us, educated us, and allowed us to be a part of a great country. Vietnam gave me birth, but America gives me freedom and much more, so I am really grateful!

Like I said, Mr. O is going to Hawaii for two freaking weeks. His hotel is right on the beach, and his room has an ocean view. Well, that’s what he told me. He has not gotten there yet so he trusted the hotel staff about the view when booked. We were planning for me to take the boys along, but conflicts with PP’s school attendance and the cost for three additional airfares don’t do justice for just a few days in Hawaii. We are actually saving our fund for our trip to Southern California later this year. Perhaps that would be more ideal and a cost-effective vacation than going to Hawaii for just four days.

So Mr. O is going to Hawaii solo…

I am so jealous!!!

I decided to pick up books and read again. This past Monday while hanging out with Peanut at our local library I perused the grown-up sections and found The Sympathizers, the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction by Viet Thanh Nguyen. I am half-way through the book and more likely finish it by next week. I must say that this is a better book than The Lotus and The Storm by Lan Cao. The latter bored me half-way through and I dropped it without giving it a second chance. My quick and on-the-surface impression of The Sympathizer — it is more action-packed, and fast-paced, and testosterone-driven. I feel like I am sitting with a bunch of men listening to their bullshit stories with lots of vulgar and dry humor that I don’t get or register. Viet’s humor has subliminal meaning that are at times hard for me to decode even when I have to read the text over a few times. Nevertheless, I enjoy his style of writing except for the lack of quotation marks for dialogues between and among characters. Maybe I should email him and ask for the intention behind leaving quotation marks out. Is it really a peculiar style?

It’s Friday night, we are taking the kids out. 😀


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