Sunkened, but hope is not lost

We underestimated the power of hatred, racist, fear-mongering, bigotry, and misogyny. We underestimated the darker side of America, the one that set us back to 50 years or more. 

I live in a liberal bubble, I have too many friends who are progressive and forward-thinking that sometimes I forget the other 50% of American don’t share the same view. 

Nevertheless, I voted, and damn sure I will criticize Trump when he does not carry out his end of the bargain of making America great again, although I think America is damn great already! 

I am tuning back to the normalcy of life, meaning I will binge on Korean dramas to mend this broken heart. Broken, for a few days, but not hopeless!


2 thoughts on “Sunkened, but hope is not lost

  1. So many protests around the nation. I hope they will not escalate to violence. We don’t need more violence. Many of Nghe’s friends did not vote yet did not like the outcome. Clinton won in NJ without their votes still, everyone should feel compel to vote (especially young people.) Local and state issues are important too.
    Any Korean drama you’d recommend ?

    1. Em cũng nghĩ có nhiều người quá bức xúc nên họ làm vậy để lấy media attention cho ông Trump ổng biết. Chỉ mong là họ không turn it into violent riot…vì làm vậy tổn thất local resources nhiều. Em chỉ muốn peaceful protest.

      Bên Cali năm nay có tới 14 local issues…em cũng quan tâm đến nó nhiều hơn.

      chị coi cái bộ Second to Last Love, nó hơi chậm nhưng nói về tình yêu của tuổi sồn sồn như em. 😀

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