Coping mechanism

Thank you, Donny, for still reading my blog. I think blogging has been overridden by FB, Twitter, Instagram…and the likes, but to me, blogging is the best way to capture my thoughts without feeling too conscious or trying to get “likes” from people. My readers are swindling down, but I don’t mind at all. I will still blog; it’s my 16th year or so of blogging, and I don’t count all the stuff I wrote between 1998 to 2000 before blogging site like WordPress became available.

Anyway, I am coping well with…urhhh, you know…can’t say his name. I vow not to talk, speak, discuss politics on my blog anymore, not for a long while. In the mean time, I find ways to cope, like taking a long walk around two or three blocks in the neighborhood basking in the morning sun with Peanut after we dropped PP off at school.

One way to cope is cooking and baking. I haven’t baked in a long time, so today I am going to bake some breads for the kids. 😀

Other way to cope, blasting photos on my blog. My mission for November was to blog all the backlogged photos of our lives in San Francisco Bay area. I still have so many of them to post.

First, here is our trip to visit Stanford University two weekends ago. It was a few days post-surgery for me so I had to limited my walking to minimal amount and did not do a whole complete walking tour of the campus.

Ok, be warned, this is photo heavy 😀

Obligatory family photo. I found a flat surface high enough to take this photo.

Peanut asked me yesterday, “Who is the love of your life, Mẹ?” and before I could answer, he said, “I know, I know…it’s Aabo!” My answer was to say it’s he and PP, but ok, Mr. O too. 😀

Keeping up with my goal for Fabulous 40…looking more fabulous and get rid of my maid-like fashion.

I like this photo that Mr. took for me. I looked fab!

Is he looking like a model? His legs are longer, and every day he tries to measure his height to mine. In a year or two he will be wrapping his long arms around my shoulders with so much ease. His great-aunt in Vietnam calls him “soái ca,” not sure how to translate that to English equivalence.

And then comes this gangster guy; he has strong personality that clashes with me many times. We are both dragons…and two dragons in the house is just too many. But he is a cute kid, and I will miss him when he grows up losing his cuteness at this age. Lately, the secret code that goes between us is “you melt my heart” of which he liked to randomly whisper to me and cheer me up.

PP was fascinated by these statues.

The boys are constantly fighting to get my attention. Case in point, I asked both of them to take picture with me, but Peanut ran to me first, hence, PP was upset and just stood right there waiting me to “beg” him to come. Arhhh! Life with two boys!

And in the end, PP really refused to come for the picture.

so quirky, these two men!

And in this photo, Peanut refused to come in for the picture because PP ran to me first. Look at the grumpy face.


15 thoughts on “Coping mechanism

    1. architecture của Stanford là inspired by Spanish mission đó chị, như mấy nhà thờ thiên Chúa của ngày xưa. Nét nó lạ so với campus ở vùng bên miền đông.

      qua cali chơi đi!

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