backlogged post – fleet week in SF

Three jets were speed sky-writing different messages on the vast blue sky every half an hour or so. This one was above the Bay Bridge.

This post was long overdue. It belongs to my 31-day series of October but was never made it there because I was at the height of being sick that week.

I don’t know how many people like to read this type of journaling, but I like to keep them here so the boys can relive their childhood later when the time comes for them to have access to this blog. Hopefully, WordPress would still be in business for my own access.

Too many photos and boring narratives below the cut. Skip if you are not interested.

Fleet week was an annual event in SF, but we could only come down to the city on Saturday, which was probably the busiest day of a week-long event. Everywhere we were there were long lines of wait, and the crowd was a little bit overwhelmed for me as I had a major all-day migraine. On top of that, the temperature was in the 80s, and we dressed up and prepared ourselves for the 60F with rain. The forecast was slightly off that day!

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the day despite all the nearly-negative things I mentioned above. I wasn’t entirely myself and thus, feeling a bit of a Debbie Downer that day.

Walking away from the Ferry Building and towards Pier 32 to see the U.S.S. San Diego fleet. We saw an exodus of tourist walking against our direction so that made me think the line would not be that bad once we got to the fleet.

Along the way, we stop to watch different jets flying and spiraling down from the blue sky, and we take pictures, too.

Oh boy, it was a hot day, and I wish I did not wear jeans or long-sleeve shirt. The boys were starting to get cranky about the walk and the hot sun at this time.

The jets even sky-wrote an ad for Geico. Yep, save your money, folks!

The Navy Band was playing some rock and roll music. This little girl was so adorable; she asked me to take her photos but I hesitated and only took ones without showing her face.

This was as close as I could get to seeing the U.S.S. San Diego fleet. By the time we arrived at the security check-point entrance, the line was so long that actually wrapped around another block. I asked one random person standing in line of how long had they been waiting, and her answer was…two hours. Two hours in the hot and humid sun? No way, we decided it would not be ideal to follow the line ourselves, and we left, hoping to see it next October when we plan to get there early and be the first in line.

We tried to get on this train but it was already crowded, and decided to walk to Pier 39, thinking it would be great to see the Blue Angels show at 4 p.m. Half way through the trek we saw a humongous crowd that had already walking there before us.

Peanut sitting like a real passenger on the train. This one was the modern type, but does not have the charms that I like in the old ones. We took this train back to the Ferry Building.

From the Ferry Building we took another train that rode along Market Street (Train F) for sight seeing as we have not extended ourselves to other neighborhoods of the interior San Francisco.

This was an old train that has charm and characters. Every train has a history behind it, including manufacturing details and when or where it was brought to San Francisco. I love the old time charm of these trains.

The front door and operator’s quarter. This setting reminds me of my early days in Boston when I lived right on the Green E line, the only train within walking distance that I could take to go into town.

The interior view of the old train. It reminds me of some old movie dating back to the 50s or 60s. (I was conscious about taking pictures of passengers onboard, and did not take many.)

At the end of this line, we got off and hopped on another one that took us back to the Ferry Building. This train was painted in mint color, one of my favorite, and I wished Mr. O took a few more better photos. 😀

At the end of the day we rested our feet at this park nestled along Embarcadero before parting our ways with SF and crossed the Bay Bridge to go home.

Are you done yet, Mẹ?

That’s it for this trip. I still have a few more backlogged trips I need to put up here for keepsakes.

P.S. It took me nearly one whole day to finish this post.


13 thoughts on “backlogged post – fleet week in SF

  1. em iu biết gì hông? Nhờ có em iu về miền nắng ấm Cali mà tui có dịp ngắm cảnh của vùng vịnh và Cali nhiều hơn đó. Làm thèm 1 chuyến bò qua bển ghê nà. (đang ngắm nghía đây)

      1. có đó, nhiều lắm, từ từ bòn ráng nhớ…. hồi đó bòn cũng ít đi SF, toàn roam Berkeley, nhưng mà hài cái là my friend from L.A. lên đây chụp hình bỏ lên facebook thì bòn mới learned of its existence :))

    1. Katieeee, anymore snow? I am so glad to not living in the arctic zone this year. Northern California weather has been good to me. My skin has gotten a whole lot better. You know how it is with cold wind and subzero temperatures, I suffered dry skin for many years and now I realized that it’s the cold.

      Hope you have a good Thanksgiving and all is well with the family!

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